Episode 350

Ask Noah Show 350


August 15th, 2023

1 hr 16 secs

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About this Episode

This week CIQ, Oracle, and SUSE have formed OpenELA, we dig into the Libera chat / Matrix bridge issues, and we discuss choosing the problems you want to solve.

-- During The Show --

00:58 Pre-Show

  • Steve's dead hardware
  • Noah's type-C charger upgrade
  • Noah's portable rack

06:40 Home Assistant - Curt

10:38 HASSIO Feedback on Dimmers - Chris F.

  • ESP32 dev is employed by Home Assistant
  • Steve's experiances
    • Z-Wave
    • ESP32
    • Shelly

13:58 LXD Forked by Suse - Charlie

16:30 Normie friendly wiki with good searchability - Tiny

  • WikiJS
  • HackMD to WikiJS
  • Steve and Noah don't use tags
  • Git Backend

20:55 News Wire

23:11 Code Academy and Python vs Rust - walking penguin

  • Python vs Rust?
  • Sleuth joins from mumble!
  • What is an analyst
  • Python is more established
  • Python has more data libraries
  • Large commercial sites use python
  • Python allows fast iteration
  • Rust is better for large applications
  • Python has a larger "community"
  • Where to learn python

30:50 Data Center Update

  • Self hosted cloud
  • Installed Grafana
  • Hardware
    • 2 Dell Servers
    • ZFS Pool of mirrored SSDs
    • 2 Mirrored pairs for boot drive
  • Script re-configures UEFI in event of failure
  • libvirt for VMs
  • BLIKVM for out of band access
  • Sophos Rack Mount Gateway running PFSense (will be OPNSense)
  • 2 techs 2 days
  • Migrated steps
    • non-critical services
    • Altispeed critical services
    • Client services
  • LinuxDelta Matrix Instance migration
    • Faster than ever
    • Able to self-host more bridges
    • Hope to re-enable account registration
    • Ability to host conferences

38:58 Open Enterprise Linux Association (OpenELA)

  • Still tracking RHEL
  • Founding members
    • CIQ
    • Oracle
    • Suse
  • Red Hat is the gorilla
  • Right approach
  • OpenELA Post

43:30 IRC/EMS Bridge Update

Picking Your Battles

  • You choose the problems you want to solve
  • Windows LTSB
  • How much down, How much per month
  • Order of Operations
    • Self Hosted
    • Free and Open Source
    • Easy and Compatible FOSS
  • Music Laptop (Container Story)
  • Is it serving me, or am I serving it?

-- The Extra Credit Section --

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