Episode 351

Ask Noah Show 351


August 22nd, 2023

1 hr 11 mins 46 secs

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About this Episode

This week Noah and Steve take you down the journey of two open source guys using open source day in and day out for their lives. Is it perfect? No there are rough edges, but why do they make those choices? What's the appeal to freedom and stability?

-- During The Show --

01:10 Caller - Johnathan Arkansa

05:45 Beginner Distro? - Walking Penguin

  • Everyone faces different paper cuts
  • Arch Linux - high learning curve, Powerful
  • Endless OS
    • Immutable/hard to break
  • Immutable OSes
  • Search/Community base
  • Ubuntu Mate
    • Shaves off many rough edges
    • Made for non-techies
  • Fedora
    • Flatpak first
    • Red Hat standard desktop
  • Fedora KDE
  • Kubuntu
  • Rust Desk
  • AnyDesk (proprietary, cloud based)

19:55 Linux Bat Command

20:42 News Wire

21:50 Privacy First Mobile

  • GrapheneOS
  • Steve's approach to technology
  • Flashing GrapheneOS
  • Steve's GrapheneOS experience
    • opening the app drawer
    • grayscale apps
    • getting apps
    • notifications
    • receiving phone calls
  • Fdroid
  • Push towards mobile
  • Hardware options
  • LineageOS
  • Noah's solution
  • Saw or Saw blade?
    • disposable devices
    • large app size
    • artificial limitations
    • cloud dependence
    • pollution

44:26 Beeper

  • Beeper
  • Steve's expectations
  • On boarding
    • encryption set up
  • Bridges
  • Target audience
  • Noah's use case
  • Phone numbers & privacy

59:59 Tech Experiences

  • Python in Excel
  • ARS Article
  • Open source behind a pay wall
  • Noah's Son's ansible playbook
  • Noah's Son teaches Noah's wife

1:05:00 PinePhone and PinePhone Pro? - TwoBit

  • Thoughts on PinePhone and PinePhone Pro?
  • Low end android device performance
  • PineTab2

1:08:00 Backing Up Docker Containers - sharper0746

  • Containers should be disposable
  • Data should be separate from the container

Used Desktops

-- The Extra Credit Section --

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