Episode 349

Ask Noah Show 349


August 8th, 2023

53 mins 52 secs

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About this Episode

This week Home Assistant accidentally takes over Noah's house, and Micah Pendleton returns to dig into specifics about professional video production on Linux.

-- During The Show --

00:58 Steve's Luddite Week

  • Amazon return with no phone
  • Society is going to requiring phones

05:00 VLANs - Norm

  • Steve's VLANs
  • VLANs
    • 10 Admin
    • 20 Guest
    • 30 Production/Servers
    • 40 Critical
  • VPN back in
  • Write back in!

07:00 Gary from Grand Forks

  • Home Assistant news broadcast plugin
  • Firefox video popout

12:00 X1 Carbon Issues - JJ4884

  • Set "Linux option" in UEFI
  • Noah's is 6th Gen X1 Carbon

14:00 News Wire

15:28 Noah's HASSIO Adventure

  • Automate around something
    • Security
    • Lights
    • Home Controller (Home Assistant)
  • X10 horrible experience
  • Lutron RadioRA System
    • behind training course
    • learned other things during the course
  • Home Assistant accidentally promoted to production
  • Upgrading HASSIO extremely smooth
  • Rebuilt light scenes in Home Assistant
  • What is the best "dimmer"?
  • What is the best way to run Home Assistant?
    • In a VM
  • In wall screens?
    • No mics or camera's
    • 5" Low res touch screen
    • Pi's, Nucs, POE Hat?
  • Best LED Controller
    • Shelly?
    • Depends on the desired protocol
  • Tasmota vs ESPHome?
  • ESP32 vs ESP8266 vs others like RP2040?

30:15 Special Guest Micah Pendleton

  • How would you build Caution Glass Studio differently?
  • What Distro did you standardize on?
    • Kubuntu
    • PopOS
  • How would you capture live video?
    • ATEM Mini
    • DeckLink
    • STI and HDMI capture
    • HDMI outdoors is a nightmare
    • Not all STI camera's are the same
    • HDMI to STI converter
  • Inkscape replaces Adobe Illustrator
  • Best Camera under $500
    • Go used
    • Sony A6400
    • No reason to upgrade today
  • Best Camera under $1000
    • Still consider used
    • Black Magic Pocket 4K
    • Shoots Braw (Black Magic Raw)
    • Great lens mount
  • Best Camera under $10,000
    • Black Magic URSA Mini Pro 4.6K G2
    • Original Ursa Mini doesn't support BRAW
  • What doesn't work well under Linux
    • Awareness is the problem
    • DaVinci Resolve issues
    • Plugins
  • What specs do you look for?
    • Asus TUF Book
    • Dedicated GPU

-- The Extra Credit Section --

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