Episode 312

Ask Noah Show 312


November 15th, 2022

53 mins 30 secs

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-- During The Show --

00:30 Steve's Curl Issue

  • Curl not picking up variables properly

curl -k -d "client_secret=${myvar}" https://keycloak.k3s.lab/realms/myrealm/protocol/openid-connect/token |jq .id_token)

02:00 Pihole & Eero - Wyeth

  • YouTube Video
  • Tutorial
  • Eero System may be the issue
  • Get the ISP to allow your old router
  • Email Ask Noah show for Nextcloud setup

15:20 Suggestion for Church - Charlie

  • AM/FM Radio

16:30 Audio over IP - Brett

  • Church Setup
  • Noah's thoughts

18:45 Storage Question - Jeremy

  • External storage pros/cons
  • Better to build storage box

21:25 Ceph or ZFS? - Russel

  • Ceph is good for racks of storage
  • ZFS is better for single box

23:30 Vlan on PFsense worksonmybox

  • Trouble creating VLans on PFsense
  • Check your trunk port
  • UniFi treats VLans strangely

25:55 Espanso

  • Espanso
  • Open Source text expander
  • Supports Linux, Windows, Mac
  • Has a "Hub"
  • Has search

27:55 ShuffleCake

  • ShuffleCake
  • Create hidden volumes
  • Encrypt your volumes
  • Decoy Volumes
  • Decoy Passwords

29:35 Ubuntu Summit

32:15 News Wire

34:20 32 Billion FTX Crypto Files for Bankrupcy

  • The situation is not "crypto's fault"
  • Don't get into crypto currency to make money
  • Anytime you upload your private keys, you don't own your own crypto
  • No Different than any other large scale fraud case
  • Large well established groups got ripped off (Wall Street)
  • ARS Technica

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