Episode 313

Ask Noah Show 313


November 22nd, 2022

53 mins 47 secs

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About this Episode

It's the storage round-table! Steve Ovens, Peter Dennert, Kenny Schmidt, and Patrick Emerson join Noah to talk storage! There's a wide range of ways to set storage up, a wide range of requirements and ways to implement it. What common things do we all agree on? Where do we disagree and why?

-- During The Show --

01:11 Steve's Curl Update

  • Thank you for your replies
  • Where do you learn about shell commands/variables

04:51 Jeremy reflects on 312 crypto - Jeremy

  • Can't use it at stores
  • Mining creates e-waste and raises price of GPUs
  • Buying a cupcake was eye opening
  • FTX happened because unethical people not crypto
  • Crypto isn't there yet
  • Decentralized currency is self defeating

12:42 Storage Solution for wife - Thomas

  • Manage Storage for her
  • Next Cloud
  • Seafile
  • NFS+SystemD/Samba
  • HDD is single point of failure

14:55 Thoughts on Signal - Nomad

  • RCS works like Signal
  • No interest in stories

17:30 Hank emailed in a lot

  • Thanks for all the feedback

18:35 Question about HDMI - Chris

23:40 News Wire

Rocky Linux 8.7
- Rocky Linux

26:05 Storage Round Table Part 1

  • Round Table Guests
    • Kenny from Altispeed
    • Peter from Altispeed
    • Steve Ovens from Red Hat & ANS
    • Patrick from Springs Church
  • What equipment do you use
    • Kenny's Used Equipment/Value Based
    • Steve's enterprise at home
    • Patrick plays in both camps
    • Peter's custom builds for quietness
  • How do you set things up?
  • Freak Shock through the USB Bus
  • Cold Storage disks
  • 3-2-1 Strategy
  • "Data Pipe Line"
  • Ice Drive
  • SpiderOak
  • ZFS kernel module issues
  • TrueNAS vs Ubuntu+ZFS vs Open Media Vault
  • Alma Linux Tale
    • ZFS kernel module issues
  • What Steve sees in enterprise

47:52 Ohio Linux Fest

  • Steve's Labs/Classes
    • Container Internals
    • Kubernetes/OpenShift
    • Bring a laptop with a VM
  • Ohio Linux
    • 02 + 03 Dec 2022
    • The Hilton Columbus Downtown hotel, Columbus, Ohio

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