Episode 314

Ask Noah Show 314


November 29th, 2022

55 mins 39 secs

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About this Episode

This is the second week of our storage round table. Join the crew as they talk storage, configuration, and considerations. If you missed part one, make sure to check out https://podcast.asknoahshow.com/313.

-- During The Show --

01:41 Steve's Script Problem

  • Thank You Thank You for all the feedback!
  • Bash and set +x/-x

04:28 Altispeed Runbooks - Kevin

07:48 What To Do With Repurposed Hardware? - Emmanuel

  • Old hardware is not power efficient
  • Point of Presence Server
  • Backup Server
  • Lab gopher(https://labgopher.com/)

11:50 Should I Reuse Old HDDs? - Ebal

  • Use Mirrored Zvols
  • Back Up

14:11 Measuring Internet Speed - Keith

17:15 ZFS Drive Health - Sleuth

  • ZFS can be setup to alert
  • L2arc failure is not a huge problem
  • ZIL should not get big

21:40 News Wire

23:02 Storage Round Table Part 2

  • Round Table Guests
    • Kenny from Altispeed
    • Peter from Altispeed
    • Steve Ovens from Red Hat & ANS
    • Patrick from Springs Church
  • Cohesity failure
  • 45 Drives
  • Setup Raid Z Configuration for your use case
  • How important is your data
  • L2arc & ZIL
  • JBOD and Mac
  • Setting up accounts/access control
  • Have a data pipeline
  • Samba, NFS, SystemD
  • Connecting servers
  • Encryption
  • Competing with Cloud
  • Don't use software RAID
  • Use a kernel with ZFS baked in

-- The Extra Credit Section --

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