Episode 292

Fixing Crashing Containers


June 28th, 2022

53 mins 52 secs

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About this Episode

What do you do when your container crashes your host? Steve is back and we walk through this and other questions!

-- During The Show --

03:20 Wireguard & Modems - Norm

  • State Tables
  • Image loading issue
  • Next Steps
    • Upgrade Modem
    • Log into Modem
    • Replace Modem

10:30 Emby, Docker & System Resources - Mike

  • What a container is
    • Name Spaces
    • CGroups
  • Use Systemd to launch containers
  • Manually apply CGroup controls
  • Steve's CGroups Write Up
  • Docker flags to limit Memory and/or CPU Usage:
docker run -it --cpus="1.0" --memory="1g"

17:50 Linux and Backblaze - Keith

  • BackBlaze B2 Protocol
  • Dupicity Restic
  • GPG Encrypt

20:00 IPFS to store academic papers? - BG

  • IPFS Might work

23:30 Caller 1

27:50 Caller 2

  • Mesh Commander
  • Mesh Central
  • On Site Radios?
  • MURS Radio
  • Buy Two Way Radios
  • Repeaters
  • Element has a walkie talkie feature

36:00 Solution for single node container host? - Jeremy

  • SystemD
  • Swarm or Single Node OpenShift

38:00 Problems with new TLDs - Sunjam

44:00 News Wire

47:05 Pick of the Week

  • Firezone
  • "Run Anywhere" Firewall and VPN Server
  • Based on Wireguard
  • Stable, Performant, Lightweight
  • NAT Gateway
  • Static IP

-- The Extra Credit Section --

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