Episode 293

Getting Started with Container


July 5th, 2022

54 mins 16 secs

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About this Episode

This week we dig into containers and what it takes to get started working with them.

-- During The Show --

03:50 Central Home Directory? - Nikki

12:20 Linux on a Chrome book Instructions? - Pete

16:20 Linux on a Mac? - Jeremy

17:45 RPORT? - Ryan

  • FOSS
  • 2FA
  • Web App
  • Creates VPN Tunnel

20:00 Athom Smart Home Gear - Charlie

  • ESP Home and Aliexpress
  • Athom Smart Open Source Firmware
  • Athom Store

22:30 News Wire

24:45 Basic Container Concepts

  • Message Marlin Bot with #Learning
  • Why Containers
  • LXC
    • System Container
    • Emulates the entire stack
    • More like a VM
    • Kernel is shared
  • Docker/Podman
    • Application Container
    • Single service per container
    • Just enough to run the service
  • Container Host
  • Linux Name Spaces and Cgroups
  • Micro Services
  • Container File vs Image
  • Open Container Initiative (OCI)
  • Container Registry (Pull/Push)
  • Steve's Method
  • Container Clients (Docker/Podman)
  • Docker
    • Runs as root
    • requires daemon
  • Podman
    • FOSS
    • runs rootless
    • no daemon
  • Buildah - builds containers
  • Skopeo - container inspection/manager
  • runc - container runner/feature builder
  • crun - optional more flexible runtime
  • PODs
  • Podman and SystemD
  • IT is cyclical

-- The Extra Credit Section --

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