Episode 291

The Art of Troubleshooting


June 21st, 2022

1 hr 4 mins 51 secs

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About this Episode

Troubleshooting is much more than solving problems. True troubleshooting is digging into the issue until you identify the root cause of the issue. This week we dig deep into the art of troubleshooting and give you some practical tips and ticks you can use to troubleshoot your way out of any issue!

-- During The Show --

01:00 Digital Signage & CCTV - Matt

04:00 Rust Desk - Charlie

11:00 Camera/NVR Combo - Mike

  • Chinese cameras bad
  • Used Access Cameras
    • Might be missing peices
    • May need to be reset
    • May not have updates
  • GeoVision
    • Stay away from GeoVision 360 Cameras
  • Spork Syndrome
  • Buy a Used Switch
  • Synology + Survelance Station
  • [Orchard NVR](ipconfigure.com)
  • MotionEyeOS

21:20 Gadget of the Week

24:00 News Wire

28:15 Technical Problem Solving

  • Start with the end in mind
    • Define Success (Avoids Scope Creep)
    • Appropriate Response to scope creep
  • Eliminate low hanging fruit first
    • Make sure things are up to date
    • Back tracing (try earlier versions)
    • Nuke and Pave
    • Keunwoo's Blog Post
  • Start with what you know
    • Eliminate Variables
    • Simplify or Isolate
    • Be Firm "We have to do this"
    • Minimize hardware and software configuration
    • Can the problem be reproduced on single and/or multiple systems
  • Root Cause Analasys
    • What is the cause
    • Is it correctly fixed
  • Three main Root Causes
    • Physical
    • Human Error
    • Organizational
  • Problem Solving Steps
    • 1 Define the Problem
    • 2 Gather Data
    • 3 Identify Causal Factors
    • 4 Determine Root Cause for each factor
    • 5 Implement Solutions
  • Documentation
    • Start with existing documentation
    • Document and share trouble shooting steps
    • Document the solution (no magic configs)
    • Share the solution
  • Effective Bug Reporting
    • Title/Bug ID/Reference Point
    • Environment details
    • Steps to reproduce a bug
    • Expected result
    • Actual result
    • Visual Proof (Screenshot/Video/Logs)
    • Severity/Priority
  • Resolution / Presentation
    • Review the end goal
    • Work around or fix
    • Escalated/Filled Bug Report

-- The Extra Credit Section --

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