Episode 290

Technology Complexity and The Solution


June 14th, 2022

52 mins 26 secs

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About this Episode

SELF 2022 is a wrap! It was a blast and now the countdown begins for SELF 2023. Has technology become so complicated that it's not approachable for many people or is there a solution? The best PDF editor for Linux, a self hosted, secure, private, cloud camera system. K9 mail becomes Thunderbird for Android, Element call enters beta 2, and KDE 5.25 is out!

-- During The Show --

01:50 Jeremy H

03:08 Keith S

10:06 Zac

Pick of the Week

  • E2E Cloud Surveillance system using Raspberry Pis and Matrix
  • Backend
  • Front End
  • Prototype

16:56 Gadget of the Week

  • ZimaBoard
  • $119 USD
  • 6W Power
  • OpenWrt and PFSense/OPNSense
  • Netgate SG1100
  • Designed to be used as a personal server
  • Preinstalled with Casa OS
  • PFSense Install Guide

20:00 Gov Buys Your Data

  • EFF
  • Apps and Data Brokers
  • Follow the money
  • 3rd Party Doctrine
  • Companies are secretive about data collection and sale
  • Many apps are 'required' today
  • Venntel, subsidiary of Gravy Analytics

30:40 K9 Mail to Become Thunderbird for Android

34:00 Element Call Beta 2

  • Matrix Blog
  • Everything is now E2E
  • Experimental Spatial Audio Rendering
  • Walkie-Talkie Mode (PTT)

37:00 Mozilla Enables Firefox Total Cookie Protection by Default

  • 9 to 5 Linux
  • Firefox is leaving Chrome and Edge in the dust!

39:00 KDE Plasma 5.25 is Out!

43:00 2022 SELF Wrap Up

  • Huge Thank You to the entire team
  • People come on their own time and dime
  • Family Friendly went well, more next year
  • Diverse level of skill sets
  • Where Technology is headed

-- The Extra Credit Section --

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