Episode 289

InterPlanetary File System


June 7th, 2022

47 mins 52 secs

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About this Episode

The web is great, but when content goes offline our only choice is resources like the way back machine. What if there was another way, a decentralized way, to publish content online?

-- During The Show --

02:10 Free Speech Feedback - Sashanoraa

  • ANS 284 ~ 06:50 minutes in
  • Fediverse vs Single Social Platforms

03:40 APFS Drive Mounting - Howard

  • apfs-fuse
  • Did not work on Linux Mint
  • Worked on Xubuntu after installing build-essential packages
  • apfs-fuse github

06:20 Harvey from Grand Forks

  • Email forwarding
  • Email Alias
  • Hackish Solutions

15:40 Charlie

  • Serial Consoles
  • Built in micro USB converter
  • 10GBE Networking

24:41 ZFS - Jeremy

  • partitions vs whole disks in a pool
  • SELF Virtual Attendance

26:55 Charlie

28:19 Junior

  • Feed back for virtualizing CAD
  • VPS

29:00 Kevin

  • Smartplug issues
  • IOS Mileage tracker
  • OwnTracks

31:00 Caleb

  • Looking forward to SELF
  • Lockpick Village
  • Talks Noah is interested in

38:15 News Wire

40:40 Interplantary File System (IPFS)

  • Current Problems
  • Content based vs Location based
  • Merkel links/tree
  • Makes censorship difficult
  • De-duplication
  • Pinnning
  • Changes/Updates
  • Interplanatary Name System (IPNS)
  • CID
  • Web3 Storage
  • File Coin
  • DTube

-- The Extra Credit Section --

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