Episode 278

Intro to Storage Part 2


March 22nd, 2022

56 mins 51 secs

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In episode 274 we introduced you to block storage, in this episode we build on that to talk about storage types, and using those storage types with NAS and SAN storage.

-- During The Show --

02:11 Matrix Bridges - William

05:30 Core Switch for Church - Kevin

  • F5 Load Balancer
  • 99% of the time other brands are fine
  • HP 1950 or 1920 switches
  • Dell Switches Pass All VLan Traffic

11:30 Google Collecting Data from phones - Charlie

21:71 Sunjam Asks

  • If my local ISP is providing us 10G fiber...where do I get the hardware to handle it residentally? Commodity does not seem to support beyond 2.5G WAN when I checked, TIP Link or Netgear Orbi routers are costing $300-$400.
  • PFSense/OPNSense + 10 Gbps NIC
  • Netgate 7100 1U ($1199)

23:50 JJ Asks

  • There seems to be many anecdotal stories of how tech has improved health and saved people's lives. Especially with Apple Watches. Seems beneficial for those who want to have a little nudge for a healthier lifestyle. When does a product's benefits outweigh Open Source yearnings? PineTime is still a work in progress and seems a little too experimental for some.
  • Pragmatism out of laziness vs out of necessity

28:53 Rusty Asks

  • hello, I'm looking for an android app + nextcloud app combo, that will allow me to drop pins on a map, preferably with a photo, of Points of interest. Would like to use during hiking to mark potential camp spots. I'd like to be able to share this with my wife without sending a gpx file after each trip (hence the desire to utilize my nextcloud instance). If nothing for nextcloud, I'd still be open to other suggestions. Thanks!

  • Own Tracks

  • Matrix Location Sharing

32:19 News Wire

34:11 Storage Continued

  • Check out ANS 274 for part one
  • Network Attached Storage (NAS)
  • Direct Attached Storage
    • iSCSI
  • Block Storage
  • File Storage
  • Object Storage
  • Be careful of "off the shelf" NAS
  • Qnap
  • Storage Area Network (SAN)
    • High Performance Storage
    • Typically used in data centers
    • Often over dedicated network such as Fibre Channel
    • LUN (logical data unit)
    • More Flexible
    • Infiniband

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