Episode 277

Happy Birthday Arch, btw


March 15th, 2022

53 mins 53 secs

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About this Episode

This week we take your questions then dig into the releases that are hot this week. KDE, Gnome, Pine64, and System76 all have something for you this week!

-- During The Show --

02:10 User recommends Self Hosted Email - James

04:15 KDE Plasma Questions - Stephen

10:30 Trouble Running BricCad - Ryan

  • BricCad
  • Malformed URL in AUR package
  • Wayland permissions?
  • strace

13:25 Caller Jon

19:40 Pick of The Week

22:55 News Wire

24:50 Pine64 - Introducing The QuartzPro64

  • New single board computer
  • First Pro-Grade SBC since RockPro64
  • $300+
  • Pine64 Blog

27:00 Pipewire

  • Bluetooth audio stack improvements
  • Future Proof
  • Collabora worked on WirePlumber
  • Auto profile switching
  • Collabora Blog

33:30 Gnome 42 RC

  • Added abilities and defaults
  • Fingerprint dialog makes a come back
  • FIDO2 Standard
  • 9 to 5 Linux Article

38:00 KDE 5.92 Available

40:50 SSHGuard on Ubuntu 20.04

  • Blocks brute forcing SSH
  • Multiple log formats
  • Vitux.com

43:03 System76 Open Source Keyboard

50:00 Synergy Alternative / KVM Sharing

  • Barrier
  • Cross Platform, should "just work"
  • Everything is done in the open

-- The Extra Credit Section --

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