Episode 272

Migrating Matrix with 12K Users


February 8th, 2022

57 mins 6 secs

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About this Episode

This week we tried to migrate our Matrix instance to our own data center, it didn't go well. We discuss our mistakes and what our next steps are. Your calls, your emails we cover it all in this episode!

-- During The Show --

00:55 Steve's Weekend

  • Client Prep

02:23 Caller Tony

  • Client received a police call
  • Transparent Proxy
  • Managed Switches
  • DNS Resolver/Forwarder
  • Firewall Rules
  • Squid Proxy
  • Dragon's Tail

11:20 VLAN questions - Tyler

17:30 Light Automation - John

24:46 User recommends software - Brett

  • DerbyNet
  • Pinewood Derby Software
  • Real Time stats, Live instant replay, and more!

27:03 RHCE Questions - MHJ

  • RHCE is hard
  • Skills Based
  • RHCSA is required before you can be called a RHCE
  • Class is not required, but will help you a lot
  • VTC Class

36:50 Tim Asked

The guy with MoCA adapters that fail... He has to be sure that any splitters along the way are compatible (will pass the right frequencies). Also, if the cable is connected to CATV, he may need an in-line filter that will prevent his in-house MoCA signalling from propagating up the line to the cable company or the neighbors if the neighborhood infrastructure is old enough.

37:20 sunjam Asked

  • Curious about custom local domain name resolution. Setup avahi for hostname.local on my pi, but curious about adding services to *.home in addition to .local
  • Pseudo TLD
  • Reserved Pseudo Domains
  • mDNS

39:21 CubicleNate Asked

I want to know where to get low(er) cost used rack mountable storage solutions. What interfaces are used between them? I have a raid 10 btrfs array I want to grow.

42:19 Caller George

46:48 Linux News Wire

48:39 MDM Data Migration

  • Linux Delta Matrix Server
  • Digital Ocean Bill was doubling
  • 12,000+ Users
  • Data Migration took 4+ days
  • Ansible and Containers
  • Postgres issues
  • Learned a lot
  • What is your baseline?
  • Possible Solutions

-- The Extra Credit Section --

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