Episode 273

Objections to Open Source


February 15th, 2022

1 hr 5 mins 42 secs

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About this Episode

Do you work in open source? Do you sell open source? This week Noah and Steve dig into the objections they hear when they recommend free and open source solutions.

-- During The Show --

01:00 Steve's House

06:55 Grub2 and LUKS Feedback - Ninja Tech

07:51 Email Servers - Veritanuda

  • Using a hosted email provider through your own email server
  • Mail provider still has the email
  • Encryption provides privacy

16:05 Cinnamon Feedback - aplatypus

  • Cinnamon might be closest to MS Windows

18:22 Smart Switches - Andy

22:44 Used Server for Storage - Patryk

32:01 Unifi Switch Flex Mini - Roger

  • Managed Switch for trouble shooting
  • Old way is a HUB

33:06 Linux News Wire

34:42 Objections to Open Source

  • Radio Station is using open source
    • Dell XPS with Ubuntu
    • Open Broadcast Studio (OBS)
    • Magewell & IP Camera Capture
    • Open IAS Score Board
    • ScaleEngine
  • Companies looking to contribute upstream
  • Big shift in the industry
  • Push back #1 "If it's free it's not any good"
  • Used as a base for enterprise offering
  • Relate to other open source software they know
  • Push back #2 "Who makes this software? What company owns it?"
  • A group of companies fund development
  • How many code commits and by who/how many people?
  • Push back #3 "Industry Standard is X, I'm used to X and Y looks different"
  • Watch out for auditors, put in forethought
  • Cyber Insurance Questions
  • "Use it for 30 Days"
  • Push back #4 "Why do I care if I have the source code? I'm not a programmer"
  • Other people can contribute
  • You can directly interface with developers
  • Push back #5 "Who supports this thing if you're not around"
  • Lots of people out there

-- The Extra Credit Section --

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