Episode 270

Soft Skills & Cupcakes


January 25th, 2022

53 mins 51 secs

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About this Episode

Improve your work environment by knowing yourself. How do you convince a customer or co-worker that their idea is a bad one? Google Analytics gets another blow from the Austrian government, SUSE announces Liberty Linux a RHEL clone. You're calls, your questions, it's a packed episode!

-- During The Show --

01:44 Caller James

  • Script for USB storage
  • USE UDEV not Script

06:08 Collabora Online - Roger

07:08 Follow up Thunderbolt 3 Gen 2 Dock w/ X1 Carbon Gen - Zac

  • Never needed a larger power adapter at Altispeed

08:55 Syncing Google Calendar to Nextcloud - Tony

  • Easier to sync phone to Nextcloud
  • Dynamic DNS

13:19 Using Coax Cable Useful? - Jon

  • BNC Connectors + STI Video
  • MoCA
  • Try a different brand of Ethernet over Coax

18:00 10GBE Nic using M.2 Slot - Charlie

19:20 Soft Skills - Jeremy

  • You have to know yourself first
  • People are emotionally attached to ideas because they are invested
  • Mission Statements
  • Ask questions
  • Cupcake Model
  • Steve's Feedback
  • "Being Handled" Reactions

38:38 Pick of the Week

41:00 Gadget of the Week

44:44 Google Analytics Illegal

  • Tutanota Blog Post
  • Doesn't Matter if data is being shared, only that it can be
  • Good Potential

50:06 Suse Liberty Linux

53:00 Announcements

  • Grand Forks LUG
  • Minddripmedia Site
  • Community Night

-- The Extra Credit Section --

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