Episode 235

From The Field: VLANs in Practice


June 9th, 2021

1 hr 1 min 23 secs

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About this Episode

Kenny from Altispeed joins us to discuss applying the network concepts covered in episodes 226 and 231. Amazon is rolling out a new feature that's sharing your internet, and it's on by default. OBS, KDE, and Firefox all have new versions plus our gadgets and picks!

-- During The Show --

01:20 Controlling Multiple Computers? - Ryan
15:30 Linux, security and privacy? - Dan
  • Got a FLOSS MRP solution? Write In!

16:25 Pick of the Week

  • Qzind GitHub
  • Browser plugin for sending documents and raw commands to a printer or attached device

18:50 Gadget of the Week

22:00 Amazon Sidewalk/Neighbors

28:50 Plamsa 5.22.0

  • Plasma Blog Post

  • Clean up and re-factoring of code

  • Adaptive Transparency - Maximizing a window causes the panel and panel widgets to turn opaque

  • Transition to Plasma System Monitor from KsysGuard

  • Plasma Wayland now supports Activities

  • System Settings opens to "Speed Dial" providing easy access to commonly used settings

  • Improved accessibility and keyboard navigation

  • Variable refresh rate on wayland

  • External Graphics card support in Kwin (picks up eGPUs with out a reboot)

29:45 Purism Shipping

  • Purism Post

  • Purism Shop

  • $1999

  • Fraction of the specs and apps

    36:55 Matrix / Element

  • Spaces allows you to have one consistent communication platform but also focus

  • Matrix adds Thunderbird integration via Libpurple

  • Not perfect but functional now and only getting better

  • NeoChat has updates

43:50 Firefox Release

  • Cleaned Up interface
  • Streamlined Menus
  • Updated Prompts
  • New Tab Design
  • Fewer Interruptions
  • Cohesive Calmer Visuals
  • Firefox 89 implements Total Coookie Protection in Private Browsing

46:00 OBS Studio Release

OBS Studio 27.0 is out!

  • Added visibility transitions
  • Added service integration
  • Added Wayland & Pipewire Support (Thank You George Stavracas)
  • Added Track Matte mode to stinger transitions
  • Added a virtual camera toggle to the system tray menu
  • Automatic rotation on Video Capture Devices can now be disabled
  • Added auto reset option to v4L2 source

47:25 Kenny Schmidt

-- The Extra Credit Section --

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