Episode 233

I Can Do That with FOSS!


May 25th, 2021

56 mins 21 secs

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About this Episode

Inkscape has a new release, ChromeOS 91 will support Linux apps out of beta. Sublime Text 4 is out with new features, we look at a peer to peer web browser and we take Natron an open source animation compositor for a spin.

-- During The Show --

01:00 - Accessing Database from website - Steven
05:30 - User responds to TP/Ubiquiti conversation
10:30 - User Warns about electronic entry gear - Agustin
20:55 - User responds to user about scanners - John
23:55 Caller - Jacob
27:55 Pick of the Week - Natron
  • Good Video Compositing software
  • Ties into things like Blender
  • Uses a Node based engine
  • Trailer Video
  • Natron
30:50 Inkscape 1.1
  • Flawlessly opens files from Adobe Illustrator
  • Command Palette search
  • Newly integrated settings search bar
  • Dialog Docking System
  • Outline Overlay mode
  • Many Tool upgrades & improvements
39:55 Google IO
  • Chromebook Linux Apps out of Beta
  • Android Central Article
  • Verge Article
  • Google is trying to reach Developers with IDE access
  • Better GPU and USB support
  • Android apps moving to virtual machines instead of containers
45:30 Sublime Text 4
  • Designed as a Code editor, best notepad ever
  • Offer 64-Bit ARM support
  • Rewritten Auto-Complete Engine
  • Default and Adaptive themes
  • Text Drag and Drop support
  • Not open source, there is a nag screen
48:40 Beaker Browser
  • Beaker Browser
  • Experimental peer-to-peer web browser
  • Works on the concept of "hyperdrives"
51:00 Android 12 "Privacy Features"
  • Dashboard to see what apps are using mic, camera, and location
  • Indicator light when camera/mic is in use
  • Option to share approximate location
  • Shortcut to disable camera and mic for the entire system
53:00 Pine Update
  • Keyboard shipping soon, some devs have units
  • New Pine Phone cases shipping
  • PineDio - LORA Node
  • Femto Star - Satellite comms done differently

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