Episode 232

Matrix Spaces!


May 18th, 2021

51 mins 53 secs

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About this Episode

Matrix has revamped communities into spaces! This brings Matrix in line with many other team collaboration software platforms. We talk about a correction to ipv6 privacy, video editing on a Chromebook, Rocky Linux release, and more!

-- During The Show --

00:26 Response to IPv6 segment - Rafal

  • IPv6 has 3 specifications to make the IP address private
    • Combine and Hash the MAC with the IP before adding it
    • Use things like install time, start up time, etc
    • Make it random with every connection

03:50 Dealing with Container Volumes - Jon

  • Explore Kubernetes
  • Check out OKD

06:20 - College Advice - Matt

  • Technical writing is more likely remote
  • More Companies looking for network security consultants

11:20 User Responds to 227 Issue - Andy

  • Ryzen CPU issue
  • Change the "Power Supply Idel Control" in the BIOS
  • Bugzilla Link

12:20 Portfolio

19:30 Matrix Spaces

  • Spaces replaces communities/flair
  • Public Spaces - ie. Destination Linux Community
  • Private Spaces - Altispeed
  • Personal Spaces - Group rooms for yourself
  • Still rough - releasing now to get feedback
  • Coming Soon to Spaces
    • Auto-joining rooms when joining a Space
    • User permissions which cascade from Spaces to rooms
    • Maturing Subspaces and Space hierarchies
    • Improving onboarding into Spaces
    • Space bridges
  • Element Blog Post

32:40 Video Editing on Chromebooks

  • Blog Post
  • Openshot releases for Chromebooks

39:50 Rocky Linux

44:15 KDE Plasma

  • 5.22 Beta is out
  • New Hamburger Menu
  • Lots of Improvements and Bug Fixes

46:40 FOSS/Less Permissive License

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