Episode 219

Studying Gnome Users


February 16th, 2021

56 mins 21 secs

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About this Episode

The Gnome design team conducted a research project to better understand their users. The results were surprising! We'll give you an update about the Vero 4K, a FOSS app to track your GPS history.

-- During The Show --

01:15 IT War/Disaster Stories Call Out
02:00 Jon caller
  • Emailed about Noah's soft spot for Red Hat

  • Latest thoughts on System76 PopOS!

  • Home Lab/Docker Questions

12:40 Vircadia VR Responds to Episode - Vadim


13:50 Building an Online Presence - Joel
  • Don't buy lifetime services/domain names - Not sustainable business model

  • register4less.com

  • Don't buy a domain in your real name

  • A records - mail.mydomain.com nextcloud.mydomain.com etc.mydomain.comment

  • Redirects mydomain.com/server1 mydomain.com/server2

  • Start with a web server, lessons learned apply everywhere

21:00 User responds for MS SQL - Richard
  • rdiff-backup - like rsync with history

  • Other backup utilities

    • backuppc
    • veaam (closed source)
    • redic (with rclone)
    • restic
  • Send in your backup solutions!

23:00 Pick of the Week - Zombie Tracker GPS
  • Lightweight Linux+KDE equivalent to Garmin's "Basecamp"

  • Manages collections of GPS tracks

  • Local Data

  • Charting, Graphing, Advanced sorting and querying

  • Live GPS via GPSD

26:10 Gadget of the Week
  • Blackmagic Decklink Duo

  • SDI is the professional version of HDMI

  • HDMI without copy protection

  • Make your own cables with RG-6+quad shielded+BNC ends, use them as SDI cables.

  • Works with Linux, you do need to install the driver, but FLAWLESS as compared to USB devices

  • Much higher quality / capacity

  • You will need to convert HDMI to SDI

31:00 Gnome 40 - UX Changes The Research

40:00 Vero 4K Update

  • Very well packaged system

  • Incredible UI - Couldn't believe it was Kodi underneath

  • Both RF and IR functionality

  • Includes wall mounting plate

  • Doesn't stream Blu-rays over WiFi

  • Plays DVD rips just fine

  • Vero 4K

47:30 Plasma
  • New app launcher

  • Breeze Twilight - Hybrid Theme

  • Plasma Firewall settings page (ufw and firewalld)

  • More effort put into Wayland support in Kwin

49:50 Pine Updates

-- The Extra Credit Section --

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