Episode 220

Multi-Monitor in Gnome 40


February 23rd, 2021

56 mins 21 secs

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The Gnome team is revamping multi-monitor support. Firefox 86 is released and features Total Cookie Protection to make cross site tracking more difficult increasing user privacy. Kodi 19 has landed with a lot of new features around metadata and a better music interface.

-- During The Show --

How to rename USB Audio interface? - Steve

pacmd update-sink-proplist alsa_output.usb-c-Media_electronics_inc._USB-Audio_Device-00.analog-stereo.2 device.description=What-We-Call-It-Now

Self Hosted Music - Sloth56

Self host or managed services - Mike

18:15 RHCSA Training - Adam

23:15 Linux Accessibility - Brendan

  • Trackball + Onboard on screen keyboard

27:50 Affiliate link for register4less? - Jerremy

  • 14.99/yr
  • Privacy included
  • Free email aliases
  • Free 10MB of web hosting (no SSL)
  • Sub Accounts for managing
  • Customer service is beyond amazing

29:45 Pick of the Week

Open IAS

  • Game Clock (count down/up)
  • Adjust on the fly
  • Keyboard Bindings
  • Set Team Logo
  • Multiple Scoreboard Tabs
  • Control multiple Scoreboard scoreboards through one control window.
  • Packaged as an AppImage
  • Cross Platform
  • FOSS

34:20 Gadget of the Week


BitBarista: fully autonomous coffee machine built using Raspberry Pi and Bitcoin

  • Pi Controlling the BitBarista uses Raspbian
  • Uses Electrum for the BitCoin payments.
  • Code is on GitHub
  • Pays people to restock it
  • Can even call a technician to get repairs

36:40 Multi-Monitor on Gnome 40

Gnome Blog Post

  • Workspaces changes on primary monitor by default
  • Supports changing workspaces on all displays
  • Introduction of the workspaces navigator on secondary display
  • Transitioning to Horizontal workspaces
  • New additional shortcuts

    • switch workspaces will be Super+Alt+←/→.
    • Moving windows between workspaces will be Super+Alt+Shift+←/→.
    • Super+Alt+↑ will also open the overview and then app grid
    • Super+Alt+↓ will close them
  • These directional keyboard shortcuts have matching touch-pad gestures:

    • Three-finger swipes left and right will switch workspaces
    • Three-finger swipes up and down will open the overview and app grid
  • Gnome is doing and explaining changes in the open

44:00 Kodi 19.0 (Matrix)

Kodi Article

  • Nearly 50 developers contributed code
  • About 5,000 commits
  • Over 1,500 pull requests since the first release of 18.x "Leia"
  • Over 5,500 changed files
  • 600,000 lines of code added, changed or removed
  • significant improvements to meta-data handling
  • New Matrix-inspired visualization
  • Database and meta-data improvements
  • Many more improvements
  • Kodi 19 replaces the old XML meta-data scrapers with Python
  • Most new features here revolve around usability

49:50 Nextcloud Hub

Nextcloud Blog Post

  • High performance back end for Nextcloud files
  • Wide range of performance improvements
  • Nextcloud talk improvements
    • Debuts message status indicators
    • Raise hand feature
    • Group conversation description
    • And more!
  • Wide Range of Groupware improvements
    • drag’n’drop
    • Nicer threading in Mail
    • Syncing social media avatars in Contacts

53:00 Firefox 86 Released

Mozilla Blog Post

  • New Features

    • Total Cookie Protection (each site gets it's own ("cookie jar")
    • Multiple videos Picture-in-Picture
  • Fixed Issues

    • Reader mode now works with local HTML pages
    • Orca and other screen reader fixes
    • Reader View links have more color contrast
    • various security fixes

55:00 New Platform for the Show

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