Episode 218

VR in the Metaverse


February 2nd, 2021

56 mins 21 secs

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About this Episode

Have you ever dreamed of having a virtual enviorment that can simulate the real world in, have meetings in, and connect with others in. Firefox has new protections for supercookies, ubuntu has a new installer out, and CloudLinux has a beta out of AlmaLinux.

-- During The Show --

Red Hat License - Jon
  • RedHat exists to make a profit, and they need to

  • RedHat spends money to support open source that they could take home/pocket

  • RedHat handled the release poorly and cut the release cycle short

  • RedHat has been a good friend of the community

  • The new model makes more sense, but was poorly communicated

11:00 Element vs Rocket - cheskel
  • Element/Matrix Pros:

    • Decentralized
    • Federated
    • Integrated with other services (Bridges & Widgets)
    • End to End Encryption

15:00 Pick of the Week

  • Funkwhale

  • Decentralized Selfhosted Spotify

  • Makes music social again

  • Why host your own? Because of things like this

17:00 Gadget of the Week

20:00 Firefox Cracks Down on Supercookies

26:00 New Ubuntu Installer

  • Ubiquity is getting hard to maintain

  • Subiquity Github

  • Uses Curtin and Flutter

  • Flutter is controlled by Google, this could be a problem long term

  • Why a snap?

29:00 GitLab Subscription Model

  • GitLab Blog Post

  • GitLab is phasing out the Bronze/Starter tier

  • Special Offers for people transitioning

  • GitLab Free tier gained over 450 features this year and continues to gain more

32:00 Element Suspended from Play Store

  • Google suspended Element in the Play Store without notifying the developers

  • Google said it was due to abusive content somewhere on Matrix

  • Reddit Post

  • Matrix Team responded quickly and openly to resolve the issue

  • Matrix Team went above and beyond and implemented community suggestions

  • Having multiple clients is an advantage to the Matrix Protocol

35:00 Ctrl IQ

36:00 CloudLinux Launches AlmaLinux

37:00 Open Source VR Metaverse

-- The Extra Credit Section --

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