Episode 374

Ask Noah Show 374


January 30th, 2024

53 mins 53 secs

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About this Episode

This week Noah and Steve dig into alternatives to Axis for cameras. What can you buy that won't break the bank, but also has open source compatibility? Your questions go to the front of the line, and what if NextCloud had an email backend?

-- During The Show --

01:10 Steve's WiFi/SSID problem

  • Double NAT theory
  • MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit)

03:43 Mail-in-a-box - Joe

  • Mail-in-a-box uses Nextcloud components
  • Office in a box
    • Center around files or email
    • Nextcloud conversation
  • Roundcube
  • Microsoft support/blocking entire yahoo domain
  • Mail partnership
  • Write in about self hosted email

15:15 HDMI Capture card - Fred

20:17 Affordable USB DMX Controller - TwoBit

27:25 News Wire

29:00 Dash Boards

  • Being more "pro" at home
  • Dashy
    • Only tracks web end points
    • Beautiful UI
  • Prometheus, Grafana
  • Uptime Kuma
    • Strikes a middle ground
    • Variety of "end points"
    • Tracks over time
    • Layout
    • Settings stored in SQlite file
    • Has an API
  • Use case
  • Setup

38:27 Alternative Cameras

  • Axis
    • Great
    • Expensive
    • Hard to find mounts
  • RioLink
    • Lots of conflicting information
    • Depends on the model
    • Steve bought ReoLink E1 Outdoor Pro
    • Home Assistant auto detected ReoLink
    • Lots of sensors
    • Has "tracking" and "motion detection"
    • Home Assistant can update firmware
    • Has FTP setting
    • RioLink (Amazon)
    • RioLink PiPy API
    • Get a POE based camera
  • You get what you pay for
  • Do Not buy these cameras!
  • Used Axis is cheaper anyway
  • Get cameras that follow a standard (ONVIF)
  • ONVIF Conformant Products
  • GeoVision (Amazon)
  • Camera longevity

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