Episode 373

Ask Noah Show 373


January 23rd, 2024

53 mins 52 secs

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About this Episode

This week we revisit the idea of self-hosting your own email server. For years both of us have been against it, with the current state of "cloud" mail providers, maybe it's time to reconsider. Noah and Steve dig into new research that suggests some concerns with kids using tech at a young age.

-- During The Show --

00:52 Steve's Question

  • Can't load sites on WiFi AP unless on a VPN
  • Write in!

02:00 Noah on Hosted Email

  • Hosted O365
  • Client filed ticket
  • Entire yahoo.com email domain not working
  • Microsoft doesn't know how to fix it
  • Wed 2pm - Today (Tues) a little back and forth
  • Still not solved
  • Got a slew of useless troubleshooting links
  • Noah can't fix the problem
  • Mail in a box

08:37 New OSS Firmware for Zigbee - Charlie

11:40 Vulnerability Scanners - Steve

19:15 Ubuntu Pro? - Mike

  • Paying for things identifies you
  • Responsible disclosure
  • Ubuntu Pro reduces vulnerability time
  • Free for 5 machines
  • Ubuntu Membership

25:18 Blocking websites & Can you recommend linux? - David

  • Sophos XG for Home
  • Noah recommends sophos HARDWARE not software
  • Elementary OS, Debian, etc
  • Go with the spin of your favorite desktop
  • How to install MS Windows with out account
  • Elementary OS is polished
  • Arch Linux, to dig in

33:38 News Wire

35:10 Noah's Experience

  • Gives kids ride home
  • Explains budgeting
  • Offers hardware on hand
  • Build's Ryzen tower
  • Windows vs Linux
  • Installs Linux
  • Sad state of affairs
  • Get to kids before indoctrination
  • The Epoch Times Article
  • Depression in teens
  • Getting worse
  • Steve's discussion with a young person
  • Effect of COVID
  • Screen vs in person
  • Screens and psychological disorders

48:28 Firefox Releases DEB

51:42 CSA Open Letter

52:52 AV Linux

  • Real cool
  • Music Nerds write in!

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