Episode 361

Ask Noah Show 361


October 31st, 2023

53 mins 51 secs

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About this Episode

This week we talk about some home assistant updates, the ability to stick markdown docs together, and as always your questions and feedback!

-- During The Show --


  • Noah's LFNW experience
  • NextCloud
  • Fedora on Macs
  • Voice on Home Assistant Talk

Home Assistant

18:18 PiKVM vs iDrac - Chris

  • iDrac
    • lots of options
    • weird things
  • PiKVM
    • one and done
    • consistent
  • iLO

21:47 I3 vs Sway - Josh

  • I3 was in the installer
  • Not opposed to Sway
  • YMMV
  • PKCS11 provider

25:14 IP Camera Help? - William

34:17 Starlink - Sleuth

  • May drop for a few seconds
  • Requires their "router thing"
  • Service longevity

36:17 OKD vs Openshift - Tiny

  • OpenShift is downstream of Kubernetes
  • CRDs (Custom Resource Distribution)
  • OpenShift
    • Core OS
  • OKD
    • Fedora CoreOS
    • Upstream of OpenShift

39:10 Signal Security

  • E2EE
  • Central Point of Failure

40:55 News Wire

43:14 Useful Open Source Projects

46:50 Project Bluefin

49:30 Ubuntu Summit

  • Noah is flying out
  • 8 Tracks
  • Chance to engage with the community
  • Giving a talk on the "Do everything box"

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