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Ask Noah Show 360 | Net Neutrality with Senator Kevin Cramer


October 24th, 2023

53 mins 55 secs

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This week Senator Kevin Cramer joins The Ask Noah Show and we discuss net neutrality! It's a more complicated and nuanced issue than most people give it credit for. Our access to the internet these days is like running water.

-- During The Show --

01:50 Senator Kevin Cramer Interview

  • Common Carrier - treat all traffic equally
  • Net Neutrality - ISPs must treat all traffic equally
  • History

    • 1934 Title 2
    • 1980 Computer 2 Policy
    • 2002 Cable Broadband gets an exemption
    • 2005 All ISPs ARE NOT common carrier
    • 2015 ISPs ARE Common Carrier (Gov Take Over)
    • 2017 Ajit Pai repeals net neutrality
  • If the infrastructure has been subsidized by tax dollars, should that infrastructure be common carrier?

  • Would it make more sense for this to be under the FTC rather than the FCC?

  • What would you say to people who only have one good choice for internet?

  • Ma Bell Sweet Heart deal

  • Chevron doctrine

  • Openness principles

    • throttling
    • blocking
    • price discrimination
  • Blocking World of War Craft

  • ISP deals with apartment complexes to block other providers

  • Digital divide

  • Universal Service Funds

  • ISPs are independent businesses

  • What stops companies from putting smaller players in the "slow lane"

  • Bot Question - Also, aren't the ISP's notorious for promising expanding broadband in the past, but they deem arbitrary numbers as "enough" for consumers, yet countries like Sweden & South Korea are thriving with broadband putting the US to shame.

  • What impact if any do you believe net neutrality would have on ISP competition?

  • Do you think the Communications Act needs a complete overhaul to bring it in line with today's technology?

  • Should the federal or state government step in to break up local monopolies that are not serving their customers well?

42:00 Expand pfSense VLAN? - John

  • PFSense "automatic fix"
  • Subnet masking
  • check for a /24
  • reboot networking devices

47:38 Virtual pfSense? - Rhett

  • This works!
  • Steve did this for years
  • VHost goes down, internet goes down

49:26 Thoughts on Emergency Alerts - Chris

  • Third party service
  • Gov Regulated Service
  • There is no other option

51:20 News Wire

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