Episode 338

Ask Noah Show 338


May 30th, 2023

54 mins 21 secs

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About this Episode

This week Lamine Lachhab the Chief technical officer for the Scottish government joins the Ask Noah Show and we discuss open source and open data with the Scottish government.

-- During The Show --

Last Week

  • Electrical storm took out the studio
  • Telos was amazing!
  • Sorry about last week

01:50 Secure Phone and Apps - Larry

07:30 Kdenlive Snaps vs DEB - Rick

  • Snap version of Kdenlive Unstable
  • Similar experiences
  • Altispeed has largely switched to Flatpak
  • Like the idea of sandboxing
  • Possible advantages of universal packages
  • Please report upstream

16:48 Zyxel Switch - Charlie

  • Zyxel Switch
  • No support contracts
  • Good "budget brand"
  • Zyxel went down "cloud rabbit hole"
  • TP Link makes good stuff
  • Amazon Link

20:48 News Wire

22:48 Lemine Lemke Interview

  • Chief Technical Officer for the Scottish Government
  • Funding agriculture
  • How data and technology play a role
  • How does open source play a role?
  • Is open source an advantage or disadvantage in government?
  • Open Data
  • Examples of open data success
  • What did open data enable the citizens to do?
  • Where there issues with false data?
  • Open source and education
  • Oil to Wind
  • NIMBYism
  • Scottish Space Port

41:41 Podman Desktop

  • Who is the target?
  • Discover-ability is better in a UI
  • Man Pages
  • Container "long view"
  • Containers and universal packaging overlap
  • Red Hat Blog

South East Linux Fest

  • June 9th - 11th
  • Join the Matrix Space
  • Still looking for volunteers!

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