Episode 336

Ask Noah Show 336


May 9th, 2023

53 mins 58 secs

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About this Episode

Passkeys are finally here to replace your passwords! What are your boundaries when choosing to support or to avoid companies? As always, your questions go to the front of the line!

-- During The Show --

01:30 ZFS Questions - DJ

  • Drive Slot hosting
  • ZFS.rent
  • Niche of a niche
  • Bare Metal
  • Altispeed

08:20 Note Taking - Erik

  • Standard Notes
  • Joplin
  • Technical debt
  • Will the team be more effective?
  • Evaluating/Bolting things on

17:08 NFS Stability - Jacob

  • SystemD vs AutoFS
  • Fstab
  • Tuning NFS
  • Noah's NFS Arguments /local/mount/point nfs auto,nofail,noatime,nolock,intr,tcp,actimeo=1800 0 0

22:05 AOSP Projects & Tensions - Sunjam

  • There are 10 parts to every story
  • Open Source remains unaffected
  • Pit tour story

27:00 News Wire

29:50 Google Passkeys

  • Part of the FIDO2 WebAuthn Standard
  • Cryptographic keys
  • How passkeys work
  • Google already pushed out passkeys
  • Passkey works on Linux
  • Google's implementation doesn't work on Linux
  • Couldn't get bluetooth working
  • Doesn't work on google workplace
  • High value target threat modeling
  • Bio-metrics are bad
  • Miserable experience on phones
  • ARS Technica
  • Google Passkeys
  • [Google.com](myaccount.google.com/signinoptions/passkeys)
  • www.passkeys.io/
  • Bonus Content SQRL

40:24 Boycotting/Supporting Companies

  • Mullvad was raided
    • No data was provided to authorities
  • Where is the line?
  • Private VPNs serve a small community
    • Don't shoot your own foot
  • Don't you want your VPN to be raided?
  • Why are you using a VPN?
  • Mullvad

49:26 Nett Warrior System

  • Next Generation Hub (NGH)
  • Heavily modified phones
  • Loaded NSA Android
  • Android Tactical Tool Kit (ATAK)
  • The Register
  • EFF

52:40 Announcements

-- The Extra Credit Section --

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