Episode 325

Ask Noah Show 325 - EndlessOS with Matt Dalio


February 14th, 2023

1 hr 3 mins 51 secs

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About this Episode

Matt is on a mission to teach 21st Century skills like coding, design, digital art and management. This involves three pillars: First, Endless Studios is a youth game making studio that teaches the skills of Silicon Valley through the power of games. Teens love games. They lean into that. The second two pillars are about ensuring that everyone can have it. Device affordability and internet access prevent billions of people from being equal citizens of the world. Endless is harnessing the power of clever financing and storage to solve these problems. The Endless dream is one in which the whole world is empowered. In which every kid is a creator.

-- During The Show --

01:10 Value for Value - Chris

  • Boosts and Value for Value are complicated

05:05 Missing the point of Podcasting 2.0 - Jordan

  • Not every podcast has the same aim
  • Not all new tech is relevant
  • Not clear cut

08:30 Home Assistant For Security? - Jeremy

14:30 Network Monitoring Solution - Brendon

19:40 News Wire

21:40 EndlessOS Interview

  • Matt Dah-lio - Founder of EndlessOS
  • Why did you make EndlessOS
  • Endless Studios
  • Endless Access
  • What makes Endless unique?
  • Device access
    • Making Devices
    • Financing
  • Internet Access
    • Parental Controls
    • Storage vs Bandwidth
  • EndlessOS's target market
    • Emerging markets
    • First time computer users
    • Digital "up scaling"
  • Tutorial system/Learning Games
  • Initial response to EndlessOS
  • Endless Foundation
  • Endless Laptop
  • Can I buy an Endless Laptop
  • Endless Key
  • Advantage of EndlessOS over Chromebooks
  • How can people get involved?
    • Tell people about EndlessOS
  • School Computers
  • Learning Tech vs Cloud Platforms
  • Noah's EndlessOS experiences
  • EndlessOS Home
  • Endless Laptop
  • Endless Key

-- The Extra Credit Section --

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