Episode 324

Ask Noah Show 324


February 7th, 2023

53 mins 51 secs

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About this Episode

Jellyfin is the volunteer-built media solution that puts you in control of your media. Stream to any device from your own server, with no strings attached. Your media, your server, your way. Jellyfin joins the Ask Noah Show and we discuss their project!

-- During The Show --

00:50 ZFS & Ubuntu - Bhikhu

05:30 Getting Into Linux (Again)

07:30 VLAN Server Access - Mike

  • Gateway of last resort

11:15 HiveH from ChatRoom

  • SG330 and XG330 essentially the same
  • Converted WatchGuard XTM5 box to OPNSense

13:21 News Wire

17:00 JellyFin

  • Anythony Lavado - Release Manager
  • Joshua Boniface (BONI_FIS) - Project Lead
  • 1hitsong - Software Maintainer / Ruku Client
  • Origins of JellyFin
  • Where did the "JellyFin" name come from?
  • Biggest hurdles
  • Where can people help?
  • What hardware do you need to run JellyFin
  • Jellyfin Clients - JellyFin "meets you where you are"
  • Works hand in hand with Kodi
  • MySQL or Postgres Database?
    • "Big Itch"
    • 4 out of 5 done
    • Moving to EFCore
  • What about accepting money?
  • Getting new contributors
  • Removed Bug Bounty
  • No way to know how many JellyFin Users there are
  • JellyFin's future
  • SSO and Plugins
  • Hardware transcoding
  • Why was Matrix chosen for "JellyFin chat"?
  • Bridging

51:00 Matrix 2.0

  • Check out what matrix is doing
  • Sliding Sync
  • Way more performance

-- The Extra Credit Section --

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