Episode 322

Ask Noah Show 322


January 24th, 2023

53 mins 52 secs

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About this Episode

Are you looking for a small server for your home or a backup server? The HP Microserver might be an option for you! We discuss along with your feedback.

-- During The Show --

01:15 Join Via Mumble

03:13 HTML to PDF

06:00 Listener Comments on SATS - James

  • UK banks doesn't allow buying sats

07:00 Ethernet using coax? - Chris

  • MoCA Adapters
  • Expensive ~ $100/Pair
  • Use coax as "pull string"
  • Flexible drill bit

15:15 News Wire

18:00 HP Micro Server

25:20 Ubuntu Dropping Support for Zsys/ZFS on Root

28:09 WikiJS Migration

  • Going Well
  • Treated like cattle not pets
  • Browse Files/Publish Mode
  • Page Info
  • Recent Pages
  • Random button
  • White flashes

35:00 Section 230

  • Immunity for site hosts
  • Reddit uses users as mods
  • Section 230 protects users as well
  • Massive implications
  • ArsTechnica

42:15 Flipper Zero

46:10 Kodi 20.0 Released

  • Multiple Instances of Binary Add-ons
  • AV1 Video Support
  • Subtitles Rework
  • Confluance Theme

49:00 Open Snitch

51:10 KDE 5.27 Beta is Out!

51:30 Linux One Drive Client

52:00 Tiny Asks:

  • Wiki built into codeforge or gitlab?
  • Both heavier than WikiJS

-- The Extra Credit Section --

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