Episode 321

Ask Noah Show 321


January 17th, 2023

53 mins 52 secs

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About this Episode

Dr. Doug Milburn President and founder of 45 Drives joins the Ask Noah Show to talk storage with their lead storage architect Mitch Hall!

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01:40 News Wire

03:50 45 Drives Interview

  • Dr. Doug Milburn - President and Founder
  • Mitch Hall - Lead Storage Architech
  • What is 45 Drives, why did you start 45 Drives?
  • Who is your target market?
    • High performance clustering
    • Video production/post production
    • Government
    • General file storage
  • What is your value prop?
    • Typically 1/5 the price
    • Best performance
    • No vendor lock-in
    • Flexibility
    • Expertise - source of knowledge
  • Cloud vs On Prem Storage
    • Cloud works for small data sets with a good "pipe"
    • On Prem is cheaper and more practical for large data sets
  • Why Commit to Open Source?
    • Better model
    • Only right to give back
    • Huston UI
  • Cockpit Modules
    • Benchmark
    • Navigator
    • File sharing
    • Identity
    • ZFS
    • Ceph deploy
  • 45 Drives GitHub
  • [45 Drives Repo](ttps://repo.45drives.com/)
  • Huston UI
    • Terminal works
    • GUI works
  • How does 45 Drives Scale?
    • 4 nodes minimum for Ceph
    • Single server Linux & ZFS
    • Can migrate from single server to ceph cluster
    • Look forward
  • Clustering vs Single Server
  • How do you handle data integrity?
    • Get rid of data zoo
    • Harden root
    • Raid - drive failure
    • Off site back up - disaster recovery
    • Snapshots - ransomware
    • ZFS Send/Receive
  • Company Culture
    • I want to create a company I want to work at
    • People are happy when they can contribute/help/serve people
    • Business is a conduit for money
    • Tackle anything but be upfront about capabilities/experience
    • Provide excellent experience and service
    • Customer decides success
  • 45 Drives Cool or Wow Projects
    • CA Wild Fire Project
    • Brain Scanning
    • High Performance Projects
    • Changing the life of small projects

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