Episode 319

Ask Noah Show 319


January 3rd, 2023

53 mins 52 secs

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About this Episode

This hour we talk about NY right to repair bill! We discuss The fediverse is getting attention from mainstream media, and people are leaving Twitter to join Mastadon.

-- During The Show --

Steve's Mini Rant

  • Getting Sats
  • Supporting Creators
  • Centralized vs Decentralized
  • Expectations

10:28 Thinkpad T470 - Charlie

  • Don't use non OEM batteries in thinkpads
  • Seabios, Coreboot, Libreboot
  • Run a ThinkPad off solar

14:30 Slideshow Creators - Bhikhu

19:00 Listener Responds about sleep - Friso

`ACTION=="add", SUBSYSTEM=="usb", DRIVERS=="usb", ATTRS{idVendor}=="046d", ATTRS{idProduct}=="c534", ATTR{power/wakeup}="disabled", ATTR{driver/1-4/power/wakeup}="disabled"`
  • H3 Odroid

21:26 TV Boxes - Tony

25:00 Caller Tony

  • Migrate from Office365
    • File Help Ticket
    • Prove Organizational Ownership
    • Request Admin reset

29:28 News Wire

31:48 Small Business Questions - Jason

  • Allot time for testing
  • Be careful with fixed bid
  • Bid high
  • Add 20%
  • Clients don't want to pay you to learn
  • Don't learn in production
  • Standard rates average $100-$200/hr
  • Split the project into parts

38:13 Fediverse is Awesome!

  • EFF Link
  • Ars Technica Link
  • Mastodon
  • Activity Pub
  • Tech can't save us from ourselves
  • How we fix things
  • Right to voice your opinion, no right to be heard
  • What would pull you off your social media platform?

46:39 NY Right to Repair Bill

  • ARS Technica Link
  • Huge Win
  • Lots of exceptions
    • Business to Business
    • Business to Gov
    • Equipment not sold to consumers
    • Medical Devices
    • Motor Vehicles
    • Off Road Equipment
    • Home Appliances
  • Can opt to provide "assemblies"
  • Companies don't want you to fix and maintain

-- The Extra Credit Section --

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