Episode 318

Ask Noah Show 318


December 27th, 2022

53 mins 52 secs

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Have you ever thought of an object you'd like to have but for one reason or the other it didn't exist? It's easier now than ever to get into 3D printing! We give you our take on the SteamDeck and we talk funding for Matrix!

-- During The Show --

01:20 Note taking suggestion - Bhikhu

05:30 Wifi for Old Homes - Norm

  • AP "zero hand off" is critical
  • Steve - a few powerful APs
  • Noah - Lots of low power AP
    • Unifi U6
    • Unifi ACPro
  • Place AP every 20db drop of signal
    • approximately every 50ft
  • RSSI

13:10 Wifi mesh? - Jeremy

  • Mesh does not perform well

15:15 Thoughts On Flight Tracking - anon

  • ADS-B transceivers are required on all planes
  • Inexpensive hardware can receive ADS-B data
  • Flight Radar 24
  • Making data available

20:00 Brandon Follows up RE: Firefox for multiple clients - Brandon

21:20 Cory Follows up X270 Battery - Cory

  • OEM Battery is required
  • Old Hardware is great

24:14 News Wire

25:30 Funding Open Source

  • Matrix Post
  • 100s of organizations use matrix
  • User base has doubled in size
  • Altispeed Clients love Matrix
  • Matrix is in need of funding
  • Core Matrix development is at risk
  • Commercial deployments fail to give back
  • Large companies have conditioned people services are free or ad supported
  • Matrix Funding
    • No MSP Sales
    • No Consulting Sales
    • EMS
  • Accounting issues
  • Followed matrix since it started
  • Matrix Patreon

38:30 Immutable Desktops

  • Image/Layer based OS
  • No access to the root OS
  • Good potential
  • Will manufactures use this to lock down devices
  • Immutable systems may be the future
  • SteamDeck

50:00 3D Printing

-- The Extra Credit Section --

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