Episode 315

Ask Noah Show 315


December 6th, 2022

53 mins 52 secs

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About this Episode

Do you purchase technology with the expectation that it's consumable or disposable? Noah and Steve talk about considerations to make sure you get the best bang for your buck!

-- During The Show --

01:26 Laptop suggestion? - Bri

  • Apple is not an option
  • Struggle to recommend HP
  • Dell is great!
    • Latitude Line
    • Noah's Dell Latitude 7330
  • Buy second hand
  • Reach out to System76

07:40 Sip phone recommendation? - Charlie

  • Fanvil X3U
  • Yealink maybe better than Grandstream
  • UniFi Switches
  • TP Link Switches

12:20 Network Jitters? - Andy

  • What are jitters
  • Smoke Ping
  • LibreNMS

15:30 Note Taking App? - Kevin

  • Standard Notes
    • Open Source in a slimy way
  • HedgeDoc

17:30 News Wire

19:00 Moorebot

  • Moorebot
    • FHD camera with night vision
    • 4WD Mecanum Omni-directional wheels
    • WiFi-enabled IoT mode, connected worldwide, encrypted data with high security
    • Voice control with Alexa and Google
    • Video streaming to Alexa or Google screen devices
  • Scratch programing
  • UART Port

23:55 Cooler Master orb-x (Workstation Pod)

28:00 Speed Testing

30:50 Eufi (Owned by Anker)

  • Cloud Authentication
  • Promised everything is local - its not
  • Push notification and stills are cloud based
  • Images stored on open AWS bucket

35:05 Sustainable Technology

  • Router Incident
    • Sophos was repairable
    • Sophos is just x86 computer
  • Mine Test
    • Open Source
    • Just works
    • Better than minecraft
    • Cross platform
  • Sustainable vs Power Consumption

Challenge Coin Stories

  • Email in with how you used Linux to server someone

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