Episode 311

Ask Noah Show 311


November 8th, 2022

53 mins 20 secs

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About this Episode

Where do you go either at work or in home to for help when you get stuck exploring new technology? Noah and Steve take you through their process. We take your calls, your questions, and look at what's happening in the FOSS world!

-- During The Show --

01:25 Caller Kevin

11:15 How to calculate Required Bandwidth? - Bhikhu

16:55 News Wire

18:30 Remnux

  • Toolkit for reverse engineering malware
  • Remnux

19:50 etcKeeper

22:40 Signal Rolls Out "Stories"

  • Tech Crunch
  • Signal requires phone numbers
  • Headed towards being a social network
  • Removal of SMS

29:00 Turkeys New Disinformation Law

  • EFF
  • Turkey passed a law aimed at curbing disinformation
  • Anytime you stop the flow of information you are already loosing the battle
  • The solution to misinformation is more true information
  • Vaguely-worded law
  • today we have the tools to combat censorship
  • ANY TIME that the government can/should/will/might take down content it doesn't agree with, we've limited free speach.

34:00 Where to find information

  • Red Hat Knowledge Base
  • Altispeed's internal knowledge base
  • Run Books
  • Project's forums or chat room
  • Keep in mind, People are volunteering their time
    • Give as much information as possible
    • Approach from a place a learning
  • Don't just say "it doesn't work"
  • How do you evaluate source credibility?
  • OVN
  • Networking is the value of in person events

49:50 Please write in

  • We are doing a storage episode

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