Episode 307

Ask Noah Show 307


October 11th, 2022

53 mins 57 secs

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About this Episode

This week, Noah and Steve tell you about the new Intel NUC that supports a TRIPPLE GPU Slot, a company that provides commercial support for Linux users, and the courts are divided on the scope of cell phone searches!

-- During The Show --

04:00 Rural 5G Internet - Chris

07:40 Listener Responds to 305 - Greg

  • White list "assets.adobedtm.com"

09:20 HDMI-CEC - Avri

15:00 Listener follows up on own hosting question - Gary

  • A2 Hosting

16:15 ParrotSec

18:30 Euro Linux

22:30 NUC Desktop

  • ARS Technica
  • Tripple GPU
  • Takes out the guess work
  • Raptor Canyon Box
  • K-Series Core i9, i7, i5
  • 750 Watt power supply

32:28 News Wire

34:30 Cellphone Searches

  • EFF Article
  • Law Justia
  • Richardson v. State
  • United States v. Morton
    • EFF Filed amicus brief
  • Good Faith Exception
  • Password vs Bio-Metrics/Reboot the phone

51:00 Launch of "Critical Thought"

  • Noah's New Talk Show (News Radio 1310 AM KNOX)
  • Focused on local & regional issues.
  • Airs Monday - Friday 09:00am - 12:00pm (Central)
  • Streamed online at knoxradio.com
  • More time to invest in Ask Noah Show / creating content.

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