Episode 306

Ask Noah Show 306


October 4th, 2022

53 mins 52 secs

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About this Episode

Jack Kang from SiFive joins Noah and Steve to talk about SiFive and their IP that has become the go-to choice for NASA!

-- During The Show --

01:30 Caller - Jeff From Cincinnati

  • Linksys AC2100 Router dropping connections
  • Check for interference
  • Change the WiFi Channel
  • Increase transceiver power
  • WiFi Analyzer

15:43 Sleuth - Used Thinkpads

  • Is there anything wrong with it?
  • Are parts user replaceable?
  • Thinkpad T480
  • Noah's thoughts
  • Dock on the bottom?

21:55 Listeners Responds About Bank/ISP - Brian & Jeremy

  • IP Changed during log in
  • Use a VPN
  • 'Ban Happy' algorithm

23:35 Listener Responds About A/V Control - Travis

  • Control devices via RS232

25:15 News Wire

28:00 RISC-V Interview

  • Jack Kang - Senior Vice President of Business Development Customer Experience and Corporate Marking and a founding member of SiFive
  • SiFive and RISC-V International's relationship
  • The RISC-V Ecosystem
  • What SiFive does
  • Advantages of RISC-V over x86 and ARM
  • Best use case for RISC-V
  • The value of open source NASA saw in RISC-V
  • X280 RISC-V Processor and Vectors
  • The hobbiest and RISC-V
  • RISC-V in laptops and desktops
  • SBC and RISC-V
  • Biggest roadblocks for RISC-V
  • What is SiFive doing in automotive?
  • RISC-V/SiFive and Real Time Operating Systems

50:55 Mumble - Naeler

  • Home Assistant - Home Events
  • Use the Home Assistant APP
    • Exposed online
    • Via reverse connection (VPN, WireGuard, Nabu Casa)

-- The Extra Credit Section --

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