Episode 303

Ask Noah Show 303


September 13th, 2022

53 mins 51 secs

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About this Episode

Noah and Steve answer your NAS questions, follow-up on Z-Wave devices, and appropriate responses for unwanted drones!

-- During The Show --

00:55 Steve's PSA

  • Please make sure that if expecting a response, the email has a return address.
  • Avoid "donotreply" and "noreply" addresses

04:15 NAS Questions - Mars Xray

  • What are you doing on the NAS?
  • Start with requirements
  • There is no "poor man's NAS"
  • Start with 3 copies on 2 kinds of media
  • ZFS on Linux
    • Ubuntu vs Red Hat
    • OpenZFS
  • TrueNAS/UI
  • IXSystems
  • 45 Drives
  • Connecting Drives
  • Dell Optiplex
  • Steve's Setup

18:15 User responds about Frontier Fiber & PFSense - Mike

  • [OPNSense Fix](github.com/opnsense/src/issues/114)
  • Options
    • Use another firewall
    • Use Frontier router in bridge mode
    • Use Layer 3 switch between the ONT and OPNSense box
  • Arris NVGG468MQ

21:55 Users respond about Zwave - James & David

  • Upgrade the Z-Wave Hub firmware
  • Upgrading Guide
  • Steve's Thoughts
  • Rebooting and resetting the hub

29:44 Caller

  • Q: Rsync to Debian
  • Rsync tunnels over SSH
  • Check both boxes have rsync installed
  • Use a third box, mount both directories and rsync between them
  • Synology lacks troubleshooting options
  • Trouble Shooting
  • Synology requires both enabling rsync and enabling permissions for the rsync user
  • Knolege Base Link

37:56 Boosting into the show? - Kevin

  • JB Boost Link
  • Does boosting serve the show?
  • Don't want sponsors to have influence over the show
  • Noah and Steve do this to "Pay it Forward"

43:10 Linux News Wire

46:35 Drone Feedback - Mark

  • Drone violations move only against the victim
  • Shooting a drone is a federal offense (In the US)
  • Explore nuisance, stalking, and disruption of peace laws
  • Possible privacy laws
  • Air space 500 FT above your property is yours
  • Technology is out pacing laws

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