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September 20th, 2022

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Email 1 - Help digitizing a church - Scott

Hi Noah,

I'm an IT guy from Brookings SD and my church wants to move to a more digital setup. This is currently a bit beyond my depth. Where would be a good place to post questions about our setup?


(Post Your Setup Here!)[https://notes.minddripmedia.com/kSLUHFePTz-IyVyN-40YcA#]

Email 1 - Help digitizing a church - Scott

Hi Noah,

I'm an IT guy from Brookings SD and my church wants to move to a more digital setup. This is currently a bit beyond my depth. Where would be a good place to post questions about our setup?


Email 3 - Dub over video? - Jeremy

What would you suggest to dub audio over pre-recorded video from a go pro?



Picks (5 min)



Zenmap is the official Nmap Security Scanner GUI. It is a multi-platform (Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, BSD, etc.) free and open source application which aims to make Nmap easy for beginners to use while providing advanced features for experienced Nmap users. Frequently used scans can be saved as profiles to make them easy to run repeatedly. A command creator allows interactive creation of Nmap command lines. Scan results can be saved and viewed later. Saved scan results can be compared with one another to see how they differ. The results of recent scans are stored in a searchable database.

Dev Term is now Available!


Discussion News / Main Segment (20 min)

KDenlive's First Fundraiser

HEADLINE: The Kdenlive Funderaiser is Live!


Today we break ground. Today we launch the first of what will be many fundraisers for specific projects. Our goal is to get funds directly into the hands of the people who make the software.

The fundraiser starting today is very different. For the first time KDE is running a fundraiser for a specific project: today we have the ambitious goal of raising 15,000€ for the Kdenlive team. The funds will be given to contributors to help Kdenlive take the next step in the development of KDE's advanced, free and open video-editing application. For the record, on the cards for upcoming releases are nested timelines, a new effects panel, and improving the overall performance of Kdenlive, making it faster, more responsive, and even more fun to work with.

Plasma 5.26 Beta - Bigscreen View


The new view has a 10-foot user interface, meaning everything is easily visible from your couch. And it’s designed to be easy to navigate using a remote control.

There are also a few applications optimized for large-screen displays including the Aura Browser, which is a web browser Plasma Bigscreen and the Plank Player for audio and video files.

Plasma Bigscreen is built on top of Plasma Shell using the Qt toolkit, KWin window manager, and Wayland compositor. It also implements features from the Kirigami UI Framework, uses libCEC to handle remote control and HDMI functions, and comes with the open source Mycroft voice assistant pre-installed by default.

You don’t need a particularly powerful computer to get started with Plasma Bigscreen though. There are KDE Neon, postmarketOS, and Manjaro ARM images with the Bigscreen user interface available for a number of devices including low-power single-board computers like the Raspberry Pi 4, ODroid N2, Radxa Zero 2, RockPro64, and Khadas VIM line of devices.

Just keep in mind that Plasma 5.26 is still consider beta software, and the Bigscreen UI is still pretty new. So don’t be surprised to find some rough edges.

  • FLIRC / RF Remote

Off-gridders take energy needs into their own hands


"We see no shortage of natural disasters in our area," says Mr Mooney, mentioning storms and wildfires as examples. "Whenever there's power outages in our community nearby, we're always fine," Ms Erickson adds.

A 2,100 watt solar energy system is large enough to keep a small freezer, fridge, washing machine and laptops running, they say, adding that they hope to triple or quadruple their solar-generating capacity in the future.

During the winter, the pair rely on a small gas generator when there is too much cloud around. They document their experiences on a YouTube channel called This Off Grid Life.

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