Episode 300

Open Source Has Won!


August 23rd, 2022

53 mins 57 secs

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About this Episode

As we celebrate Episode 300 Noah and Steve dig into the difference in industry between 2017 when ANS launched and today. The landscape has changed considerably. Today people ask about Open Source, today people value interoperability.

-- During The Show --

01:50 Listener follows up on Bluray playback - William

  • It worked!
  • The solution

03:30 3D Printer Recommendation - Greg

04:45 3D Printer Related - Joshua

09:30 FOSS Remote Software - Peter

13:10 LDAP Alternatives? - Miguel

19:40 TwoBit Asked

  • Q: Is there a way to see if anyone has been accessing the Intel Management Engine on a PC?
  • Not from the Host
  • Look for Intel White Papers

21:25 Pick of the Week

29:45 Open Source Has Won!

  • Used to "sell" open source, Now it's "common"
  • Now I get calls asking "Is it open source" "Does it have an API"
  • Covid caused a push for cloud
  • Cloud is more flexible and scale-able but more expensive
  • Open source saves money
  • Large companies rely on open source
  • Linux is replacing UNIX
  • Apache Kafka
  • DynaTrace
  • Open source is available to learn and try
  • Companies don't like artificial road blocks
  • Grafana
  • Companies should pay for open source software
  • 13 Companies added to Open Source Security Group
  • Open source allows "rising tide" effect
  • Open Source returns power to the individual
  • Many open source programs now meet or exceed professional standards

52:00 Challenge Coin

  • Write in about how you have helped open source!
  • Open Source Stewards (OSS)

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