Episode 279

Civil Engineering on LINUX!


March 29th, 2022

53 mins 52 secs

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About this Episode

Erik Lietz, PE from Oakridge Engineering joins the Ask Noah Show this hour to discuss running an an engineering firm on Linux! Does it work perfectly? Does Linux leave something to be desired? We dig deep and discuss the merits of running a business on Open Source!

-- During The Show --

01:45 Hard Drive Questions - Friso

  • Ask Ubuntu
  • No one uses SCSI or IDE today
  • Linux Kernel Blocks ATA Pass Through on USB Segate Drives
  • Noah and Steve's external drive methods

08:30 Router Firmware Question & Responding To Other Listener - Bhikhu

  • Try installing kio-fuse & kdenetwork-filesharing packages
  • Performance is not the reason for open source firmware
  • Open source firmware provides longer updates and more features

12:50 Thoughts on Bitcoin? - Cory

  • Decentralized
  • We agree what has value
  • Not controlled by government
  • Blockchain Tech

16:17 Charlie responds to user & Speeding up internet question - Charlie

20:00 User responds about GPS - Jeremy

21:20 User responds Nextcloud & location tracking - Aaron

22:50 News Wire

Erik Lietz, President of Oakridge Engineering (Mondovi Wisconsin)

  • Tell me about your Engineering Work
  • What is there to Engineer on a Farm?
  • What technology and tools are you using?
  • When did you get interested in open source and Linux?
  • What made you move your entire firm to Linux?
  • Roll Out Plan
  • How did the Roll out go?
  • Working through the papercuts
  • Talk about why you wanted everything self hosted?
  • GPU passthrough setup
  • GPU passthrough challenges
  • YouTube Link
  • GitLab
  • X1 Extreme Gen2
  • Future Plans

-- The Extra Credit Section --

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