Episode 247

30 Years of Linux!


August 24th, 2021

56 mins 20 secs

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About this Episode

LibreOffice 7.2 is out, Gnome 41 Beta has been released, we talk streaming infrastructure, a must have networking tool for structured wiring, plus your questions, our picks!

-- During The Show --

02:30 Difference Between CDN - Brian

  • Matrix is designed to bridge chats
    • Early Days/Rough Edges
  • Pachutelive.tv
  • Nginx
  • Restream.io
    • Restreaming Service not CDN
  • Streamyard
    • Paid product
    • Cloud Based/Proprietary
  • Scale Engine
    • Best Option
    • Lots of similar/Better Features
    • Better Priced
    • Fantastic Customer Service
    • Ran by Members of the FOSS Community

16:00 Firefox Audio Problem - Cory

  • Try the Flatpak
  • Newer version of Firefox might fix it
  • Extensions can cause issues
    • Try Firefox safemode
  • Check the sample rate of the system audio

19:55 PineNote & Android Apps - Rev Joel Collier

  • Today no...
  • It is very possible in the future
  • Developers are currently working on getting Android Apps working on both the PinePhone and PineTab

25:39 Streaming a Funeral - Dennis

30:00 Document Management - Richard

  • Offline Wiki?

36:06 Pick of the Week

  • Single Drive - Multiple Images
  • Ventoy

42:10 Gadget of the Week

44:48 Gnome 41 Beta

  • UI and Feature Freeze
  • SIP base functionality added
  • GDM Allows Wayland User Session with X.Org Login
  • Gnome Control Center adds "Cellular" and "Multitasking"
  • Gnome Disk Utility now uses LUKS2
  • Phoronix

50:25 LibreOffice 7.2 Released

  • 60% of code commits related to MS Office compatibility
  • New HUD
  • New LibreOffice Dark Mode
  • New Writer formatting options
  • Much more!
  • OMG Ubuntu

53:30 Linux 30 Years

Linux Insider

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