Episode 246

Open Source Polish


August 17th, 2021

56 mins 23 secs

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About this Episode

This week there are fantastic FOSS software releases, Element, PineNote, and an open source time keeping device that fits on a PCI card, the company behind the development will blow your mind!

-- During The Show --

01:06 Proton Mail feedback - Patrick

  • SteigerLegal
  • Proton Mail's design make this irrelevant
  • Important to understand were security ends

08:20 Apple vs Privacy - Ben

15:20 Making an image while OS running? - Advait

19:20 LTE Modems - Scott

22:25 Router recommendations - Yakoke

31:19 Time Keeping

  • Caesium-133 Atom (Atomic) is the most accurate
  • GNSS Receiver
  • 10 KHz side band radio
  • Computers use NTP
  • Stratum One
    • Developed by Facebook
    • Replaces Proprietary Boxes
    • Interfaces via PCIe
  • TechCrunch

39:00 Element Improvements

  • Voice Messages
  • New 1:1 Voice and Video Calls
    • Screen Sharing
    • Intelligent Call entries
    • Dial pad
  • Message indications
  • Encryption Improvements
  • Spaces coming out of Beta
  • Element Blog

46:15 Pine64

  • New Device PineNote
    • One of the most powerful eReaders on the market
    • Quadcore A55 CPU/4GB RAM/128GB eMMC
    • Dual Mics/Dual Speakers/USB-C/AC WiFi
    • 10.3" 3:4 227 DPI 1404x1872 Display
    • Touch and Wacom Pen input
    • PineNote is aimed at early Adopters/Developers
  • PinePhone Keyboard Released
  • Pine64 Blog post

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