Episode 244

Starting Fresh: Part 2


August 3rd, 2021

1 hr 5 mins 45 secs

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About this Episode

Steve Ovens returns to lay out his plans for his new house as well as ask the community for input on best practices. Standford AIMI center is expanding it's free repository of medical datasets for AI research, and Steam hits 1% Linux users again!

-- During The Show --

01:25 Hardware Keys, Ciphers, SSH - Jordan

  • OpenPGP
  • PKCS11
  • NitroKey, Onlykey, Yubikey, Solokey, etc secures your key
  • Most secure way is use a different key per hardware device
  • Corporate centrally manages SSH keys (FreeIPA, Active Directory)
  • Central Management

09:20 Swisscows vs Duckduckgo - Cory

12:00 Open Source Health Data Tracking - Alexei

13:52 WiFi Phones - Charlie

  • Great Idea
  • I too am moving all communications to IP based

19:15 Gadget of the Week

  • Axis M3067-P
  • 360° panoramic view Camera
  • Local Configuration
  • Multiple Views/Streams Available

24:10 Open-Source Medical Data Sets (AIMI)

  • Stanford.edu
  • AI Spots things better than the human eye
  • AI needs large data sets to train
  • Stanford provides an open source data set for training AI
  • Allows researchers to train AI for "non profitable" uses

28:28 Steam is back to 1% Linux Users

  • PCMag.com
  • Happened before steam deck was announced
  • Linux is taking over
  • Microsoft is pushing people to "Windows as a service"

33:44 Open Compute Project

38:50 NEST

  • Fedora Linux Conventions
  • Flock to Fedora
    • In Person
    • Virtual Should remain when continued
  • Nest with Fedora
    • Virtual
    • Replacing Flock (Covid)
  • FUD Con
    • Fedora Users and Developers Convention
    • Replaced by Flock
  • Virtual Release parties will continue

50:55 Building Steve's House Continued

  • Kid friendly video chat station
  • Comfy Gaming area
  • Projector Room
  • Vlan Setup/Switches
  • Netgear Switch Rabbit Hole

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