Episode 243

Starting Fresh: Part 1


July 27th, 2021

56 mins 20 secs

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About this Episode

Steve Ovens joins us as we discuss the steam deck, Matrix getting 30 million in funding to polish the rough edges, and with Steve moving into a new house we talk about starting fresh!

-- During The Show --

00:45 Affiliate Link Typo - Chris

02:50 Unexpected IPv6 - Hesham

  • IPv4 has NAT, firewall optional
  • IPv6 no NAT, firewall required

06:15 ANS Telegram - Advait

07:20 Resizing Windows Drives - Chris

  • Use the windows partition manager
  • Remove unnecessary files
  • Disable Swap File
    • Start>Settings>System>About System
    • Advanced System Settings (About half way down)
    • Click Settings Button Under "Performance"
    • Click Advanced Tab
    • Under Virtual Memory click change button
    • Un-check "Automatically manage paging file size for all drives"
    • Select no paging file
    • Click OK and reboot
  • JkDefrag
  • From an administrative command prompt run: jkdefrag -a 5
  • Shrink partition using Windows partition manager
  • Remember to leave enough room to turn swap file back on
  • [Chris DeLuca (naelr) Matrix ID](@naelr:linuxdelta.com)

09:30 Email Feedback - Will

  • Posteo doesn't allow custom domains
  • Having control over your email domain is important

11:00 Pick Of the week

  • OtterCast
  • Audio line out
  • Audio Headphones out
  • Audio IN
  • WiFi
  • Ethernet
  • USB Sound card mode
  • Webinterface (Configuration)
  • Shairport-Sync
  • Pulseaudio sink/source
  • Snapcast server/client
  • Spotify Connect (librespot)

13:20 Gadget of the week

  • Steam Link Discussion with Steve Ovens
  • Will probably buy for the family instead of a switch
  • Steam controller is a favorite controller
  • Steambox/Steam Controller vs Steam Link comparison
  • Valve is pushing game shops to use Proton instead of linux native
  • Price discussion
  • FOSS vs Proprietary discussion

24:30 Ear 1 Wireless Ear Buds

  • Verge Article
  • Earbuds from OnePlus
  • $99
  • 11.6 Drivers by Teenage Engineering
  • Qi and Type-C charging

26:30 Matrix Gets 30M

  • Access Act bill, HR 3849
  • World is waking up to decentralized services
  • Managing locked in platforms are too much for gov to manage
  • 150,000 German Health care organizations on Matrix
  • Funding from Protocol Labs
  • Makers of Matrix don't "need" this funding
  • EMS currently makes enough to fund matrix development
  • This funding simply accelerates development and "Polish"
  • Funding planned for:
    • Full P2P support
    • Native E2EE VOIP/Web Conferencing
    • Decentralized Reputation system
  • Barinsta Cease and Desist Reddit
  • Barinsta Cease and Desist Github
  • Cease and Desist seems slightly over reaching

42:30 Alma Linux Office Hours

  • Alma Linux Post
  • Monday 4pm UTC
  • Beginning August 2nd 2021
  • You can email your questions in too!
  • Haven't been able to reach Rocky Linux folks
  • Alma Linux very accessible and involved

46:00 K9Mail Upgrade

  • Android Police
  • Huge Upgrade
  • Lots of fixes
  • Lots of new features
  • Version 5.8 is not quite available in Play Store

47:47 Steve Ovens Move/Tech

  • Where do I centralize things?
  • Access Points/Ethernet drops
  • Types of mounting/racks
  • Smurf Tube (Affiliate Link)
  • TV Boxes
  • Device Charging Setup

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