Episode 230

University of Minnesota BANNED


May 4th, 2021

56 mins 21 secs

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About this Episode

Linux Foundation drops the ban-hammer on University of Minnesota over controversial 'research' experiment but there's a twist, the code recently submitted was not part of the research. We feature open source firmware for IP cameras, an all in one access control solution, and SUSE got bought again :)

-- During The Show --

00:45 - Ubuntu and Kernel upgrade question - Michael
  • sudo apt install linux-generic-hwe-20.04
  • Once a year run the purge kernels command
  • Auto remove does not always remove old kernels by default
  • sudo apt autoremove --purge
08:40 - OpenSuse Tumbleweed laptop sleep issue - JJ
10:50 - TV Device Recommendations - Simon
VNC Clients - Vladimir
21:00 - Scanner for going paperless on linux - Kyle

24:00 Open IPC

  • OpenIPC
  • Open source firmware for IP Cameras
  • Starting with these vendors

    • HiSilicon
    • Hi35xx
    • XiongmaiTech
  • PineCube

29:10 HID EntryProx Reader

  • HID Entryprox Reader
  • 4045CGNU0
  • Single Door access control
  • Supports HID ProxCard III
  • Can be switched to Wiegand mode and any OEM controller

33:20 U of M Patches

  • U of Minnesota conducted a research project, submitting bad kernel patches
  • Didn't Ask Permission
  • Hypocrite Project got mixed up with Static Analyzer Project
  • Static Analyzer Project Patches were not great code
  • U of Minnesota did pull their paper and talk
  • Zdnet Artical
  • LWN.net Subscription Required or wait 2 weeks
  • Greg K H Open Letter
  • IEEE

50:00 Suse IPO

50:50 Open Project and NextCloud

  • Open Project and NextCloud Join Forces!
  • Link

53:20 Audacity

-- The Extra Credit Section --

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