Episode 397

Ask Noah Show 397 - Own it if You Can!


July 2nd, 2024

53 mins 40 secs

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About this Episode

Why do you use Linux and what problems do you run into? Both Noah and Steve make a value based decision when approaching tech, this week we dig deeper into why we choose to run Linux on the desktop. Could you power a 12v light, or 100 watt Ham Radio with a USB-C battery pack? Noah will tell you how doing so gave him light in his garage. Buckle your seat-belt, it's a packed show!

-- During The Show --

00:50 Intro

  • Deepin Desktop
  • Why do we run what we run
  • Ownership of skills and resources
  • 3 Categories
    • Disposable
    • Service
    • Owned
  • Linux is the only OS that allows you to own your computer
  • Main stream wants "IT as a service"
  • Why are you using Linux?

08:50 Alternative Phone OS - Don

15:38 ProxMox and OPNSense

  • Passing the NIC solves the problem

16:39 Protecting Hard drives (encryption?) - Markus

  • LUKS
    • Key can be separated from the drive
  • Layered encryption
  • ZFS encryption
  • GPG

20:23 Generating Your Own Power - Jim

  • Pedal power
  • Favorite feedback yet

22:22 Generating Your Own Power - Jim

  • Dry contact
  • 2 ways Shellys work
  • Typical wiring

27:30 Steve's Home Automation failure

  • What do you do when critical automations fail
  • 2.4 GHz WiFi keeps dropping
  • Reach out to community/someone smarter
  • Have a "fallback"
  • Everything operates independently
  • Home Assistant "stitches it all together"

31:30 News Wire

33:22 Owning USB-C Power

38:08 Supreme Court Decision

  • Texas and Florida laws challenged
  • Art Gallery comparison
  • Supreme Court
  • You are either responsible or not
  • Moderation
  • Violation of law vs Editorial
  • Write in, what do you think?
  • Network effect
  • The Register

49:30 Chevron Case

51:40 Element X

  • Sign in via QR code
  • Biggest PITA & Blessing True E2EE

-- The Extra Credit Section --

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