Episode 395

Ask Noah Show 395


June 18th, 2024

53 mins 54 secs

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About this Episode

This week we talk about network documentation and alerts! What makes a good alert? When should you tap a human on the shoulder, and what should be left to the backlog?

-- During The Show --

01:50 Music Production On Linux - William

05:45 DIY Smart Plug - Charlie

09:15 Thoughts from the AMA - Steve S

  • "good enough"
  • "Class of tool" vs "disposable"
  • CLECs moving away from copper
  • Convert to VOIP and ATA
  • Cell companies not held to the same standard
  • Right tool for the right job

17:30 Frappe.io - theendbeta

  • Frappe.io
  • Looks cool
  • Lots of apps
  • Haven't used it

22:00 News Wire

23:20 NetBox Interview

  • Adam Kennedy - Senior Network Admin
  • Network documentation
  • NetBox
  • Single source of truth
  • DCIM (Data Center Infrastructure Management)
  • Holds tons of information
  • Documenting changes
  • Importing/Exporting information
  • Netbox and Ansible
  • Extra information

34:00 Best Practices

  • OS Ticket - Client notes
  • Markdown docs
  • Plain text
  • Explorable and discoverable
  • GNS3
  • NetBox falls down with multiple clients
  • Menu Bar hides
  • What is standard documentation?
  • 3 Choices
    • Plain text
    • Wiki system
    • Purpose built software
  • Good to re-evaluate from time to time
  • Cost of up ending the apple cart

48:00 Alerts

  • What is a good alert?
  • They need to be actionable
  • What the problem is
  • How it happened
  • Where do I go
  • Why dashboards are bad
  • Ticket back log
  • Human attention

-- The Extra Credit Section --

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