Episode 389

Ask Noah Show 389


May 14th, 2024

53 mins 52 secs

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About this Episode

This week Matt Hicks the CEO and President of Red Hat joins the Ask Noah Show to talk about AI! We answer your questions about how to get a voice point-to-point link, plus we'll tell you what we're thinking for SELF.

-- During The Show --

00:50 SELF Announcements

  • Ironing out meetup details
  • AMA session
  • War stories
  • Steve's talks
  • Retro installs

04:00 Landline to Wireless? - JM

10:20 News Wire

11:35 Matt Hicks Interview

  • Matt Hicks - Red Hat CEO
  • How does Red Hat stay on top of new technologies?
  • Future of AI?
  • 90s Linux mindset?
  • AIX
  • Service aspect, solving customer problems
  • Making the software work for the customer
  • People want on prem
  • Involving open source community
  • Open source and AI
  • How does Red Hat stay competitive with massive AI models?
    • IBM and AI
    • Know where you get your data from
    • Small highly trained models
  • Matt Hick's geek projects
    • Door Bell
  • Matt Hick's Daily Driver
    • Fedora 40
    • Dell laptop

29:38 KeePassXC

  • Debian developer removed functionality from KeePassXC
  • Debian developer refused to restore functionality
  • KeePassXC developer pushed people to use FlatPak
  • We trust distro maintainers
    • We don't want to do it our selves
    • Largely thankless job
  • Functionality is necessary in today's age
  • It's a package not a plugin
  • Talk to the software developer first?
  • Why not have a separate "secure" package?
  • At some point you have to allow user choice
  • What does "stable" mean?
  • Noah's Flatpak Remmina
  • Flatpak themeing
  • Linux IAC
  • Debian.org

45:00 Endless OS 6

  • Based on Debian 12
  • Gnome 43
  • Pipewire audio
  • Endless OS offline for Noah's kid
  • Endless OS is opinionated
  • 9 to 5 Linux
  • System 76 and Pop! OS

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